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TradeUp Program

Welcome to ProItUp Golf, where golf technology innovation and design are at the core of everything we do. We are constantly pushing boundaries to develop the next generation of golf rangefinders. We believe in providing the best for both our own golf bags and for our customers. 

When you invest in a Series Z-10 and Series Z-20 Max rangefinder from ProItUp Golf, you're automatically enrolled in our exclusive Lifetime TradeUp program. Here's how it works:


1.Purchase a Series Z-10 or Series Z-20 Max rangefinder from

2. You'll be automatically registered for our Lifetime TradeUp program, which guarantees you a 25% discount on all future rangefinder launches.

3. Simply email us at with your contact information and previous purchase confirmation number or any proof of purchase.

4. If eligible, we'll promptly email you a 25% discount code to upgrade to the latest rangefinder model.

5. Keep your old rangefinder as a backup or pass it on to a friend who needs a reliable device.

6. We'll handle the recycling of your old rangefinder for free, all you need to do is cover the return shipping cost. Additionally, we're proud to inform you that your old rangefinder will be refurbished and donated to a junior golfer in need, ensuring it finds a new home where it can be put to good use. Thank you for contributing to this worthy cause!


Join the ProItUp Golf family and enjoy exclusive member pricing along with the assurance of always having access to the latest advancements in rangefinder technology.

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